Wayne Priddy is commitment to providing the highest quality concrete pumping equipment in the industry. Wayne has a combined 35+ years experience working for his family pumping service, a Leading German Manufacturer and then starting his own concrete pumping service in Dallas, Texas - Vista Ridge Concrete Pumping (vrcpinc.com) of which he eventually sold to his business partner Bob Guevremont.  Since then, His passion from all this experience is to improve & revolutionize our industry by eliminating pipeline surge as apposed to just a bandaid.  He is committed to keeping it a simple 2 cylinder "YS-Tube" concrete pump with dependability & Quality a Top Priority!

As the owner and founder, Wayne continues to perfect the concept of "Continuous Flow" by starting with a line of 70 cubic yard per hour trailer pumps.  This technology will also be incorporated into larger pumpkits being developed for a multiple of other applications.